We believe that real estate development is about more than just bricks and mortar – it’s about the transformative power of architecture and its ability to enhance a neighborhood with visual beauty and functional design. At CB Developers, we are passionate about pursuing unique real estate opportunities and are committed to a fully hands-on process from concept to completion to ensure the success and profitability of every project we undertake.


Our reputation has been built on our ability to see beyond what exists today and envision what it could be tomorrow. New York City’s vibrancy and rich diversity of neighborhoods inspires us to see undiscovered potential in up-and-coming areas. Early on, we recognized development opportunities in the West Village, Soho, the Meatpacking District including the redevelopment of the High Line, Chelsea, the East Village and the Lower East Side. With over 35 years of experience to our name, we are proud to be recognized as an innovative
developer of some of Manhattan’s most architecturally distinct buildings.

CB Developer’s portfolio includes a diverse range of development projects including boutique hotels and residential and commercial condominiums and rentals. Guided by our respect for the creative process of building, we have worked with some of the most inventive and esteemed architects of the Manhattan cityscape. Successfully developed projects include the condominiums at 173/176 Perry Street (designed by Richard Meier); The Urban Glass House condominiums (330 Spring Street, designed by Philip Johnson with interiors by Annabelle Selldorf); 29-35 Ninth Avenue (home to hotel and social club Soho House and Jean-Georges restaurant Spice Market), and the High Line Building at 450 W. 14th Street and The Theory Building at 40 Gansevoort Street (both designed by Morris Adjmi).


CB Developers is known for identifying opportunities that offer unique design possibilities as well as profitability. We have delivered successful projects with our partners across a broad range of properties including ground-up construction, adaptive re-use and the reconfiguration and expansion of existing structures.

Current projects under development include further opportunities in the downtown neighborhoods of Manhattan. Looking forward, we see many possibilities for interesting and unique projects across all of Manhattan and in the city’s outer boroughs.


We understand that the development process is as much about creativity as it is about construction. This vision guides us and helps us recognize unexpected possibilities in both design and function. Our team maintains a hands-on approach through every phase of development making sure we do more than stand by what we do – we stand with it.

The CB Developers team takes pride in our long history of success. In addition to our development expertise, we also manage a number of our completed properties. As building managers, we understand the individual challenges for each type of property. As construction managers, we use this first-hand insight to build for those challenges, improving a project’s functionality and value through better and more informed design.

CB Developers and its affiliated companies is led by Charles Blaichman, who has been developing, building and managing real estate for over thirty-five years. He has an extensive track record of successful partnerships with other developers, hotel operators, managers, and investors. Charles believes that every real estate project offers the ability to showcase something innovative and beautiful about the building and the neighborhood. As a long-time resident of New York City, he understands the day-to-day rhythms of urban life and the distinct characteristics that define various communities. He is involved in all aspects of the company’s business, overseeing project acquisitions, the formation of partnerships, construction management, and the establishment of sales and management teams.